Thursday, June 20, 2013

Art Camp 2013

In my last post I wrote about wanting to continue learning. This past week I approached that a little differently and taught at an art camp here in Key West. Since I had never done anything like this before,
it was quite an experience.

Being an assemblage artist, I wanted to share my thoughts with them about using found objects and utilizing them as "art supplies". After suggesting how they can re-purpose items by examining their texture and the shape, and showing them some ideas to get started, I let them loose in a box of recycling and assorted embellishments that I had brought in for them to explore.

We put together recycling with tape into interesting head shapes and shrink wrapped them together. After covering with colored tissue paper, paint and embellishment, the kids had quite an assortment of quirky creatures!

 Stamping with everyday objects onto recycled denim makes great bracelets.

 After sharing with them one of my art pieces, I gave them their own cigar boxes and let them do their thing.
So after 6 afternoons with 6 kids between the ages of 8 and 12, I have to say I did learn some things:

  • kids love to make a mess especially splattering paint
  • don't micro manage them, it's more fun to just watch their imaginations fly
  • have a lot of projects in mind as they want to know what they are going to do next before they are done with the task at hand.
  • I totally understand why it is that God has young woman have children. I am exhausted!
The kids enjoyed themselves, and so did I. In fact, I am going to do it again next week!

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