Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Did It!!

I had set a goal for my self to move my studio into my new space within a 2 week period. After a lot of work and help from my hubby, my goal has been achieved.
 I enjoy designing and decorating. In my last post I was considering painting my tile floor. The job turned out to be not as daunting as I thought. Sanding, priming and painting took a little over 2 days. The hard part was waiting 72hrs before walking on it. For the most part, I am very pleased with the results. I can see that the floor will not take much abuse. I already have a few scratches, but it is what it is and sure looks a lot better then before we started this project.
 I enjoy a space that nurtures my creativity. Having favorite things around me in jars and objects on shelves, inspires me. I do like organization. Not being able to find something when I need it drives me crazy.   Anyone care to share some organization tips?
  Now some photos of the finished product. Let me know what you think.
I have get busy making something!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

OMG it has been awhile!

     I know, I disappeared for awhile, and I apologize. It has been a crazy year, which I will go into more detail in following posts, but I'm not going to bla bla bla on this blog. Time to focus and move forward!
     The palace space is moving. I'm not going very far, just from a small bedroom to a semi-outdoor space in the center of the house which will now be my studio. With one end open to our backyard, I will get to make my magic with an inspirational view of the water. Why didn't I think of using this space before? One afternoon my friend Sheila came over to join me in a messy project. It was a beautiful day so we worked in this space so we could spread out. After she left, I thought what fun (I think this often after spending time with her), why don't I just move out here? And so it started!  I have a goal. I want to be in this space in 2 weeks! Nothing like setting goals to get me moving.
     After scrapping off as much of the old paint from the cement walls that I could, I primed the walls and painted it an off white. My hubby told me it was going to be really bright, and it is, so I calmed it down with a very light blue ceiling. That technique is used a lot down here in Key West on the ceiling of porches. I think it has something to do with mosquitoes thinking it is the sky. You get to know a lot of little tidbits like this while taking tourist friends on local tours. Back to the painting...after several trips to Home Depot for supplies, several coats of paint and a slight mishap of a can hitting me in the head and twisting my glasses, it looks pretty good!
    The next step is dealing with the ugly floor. It's part gross red tile and part cement. My brilliant idea is to etch the cement to match the tile squares and then paint it all one color. The Home Depot guy is shaking his head at me, my hubby is shaking his head at me, and I am paying no attention to either one of them. My thought is that it has to look better than ugly red tile and after I bring in all my stuff, how is going to look at the floor?
    I'll post photos of my progress and let you decide if I made a good choice.