Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Did It!!

I had set a goal for my self to move my studio into my new space within a 2 week period. After a lot of work and help from my hubby, my goal has been achieved.
 I enjoy designing and decorating. In my last post I was considering painting my tile floor. The job turned out to be not as daunting as I thought. Sanding, priming and painting took a little over 2 days. The hard part was waiting 72hrs before walking on it. For the most part, I am very pleased with the results. I can see that the floor will not take much abuse. I already have a few scratches, but it is what it is and sure looks a lot better then before we started this project.
 I enjoy a space that nurtures my creativity. Having favorite things around me in jars and objects on shelves, inspires me. I do like organization. Not being able to find something when I need it drives me crazy.   Anyone care to share some organization tips?
  Now some photos of the finished product. Let me know what you think.
I have get busy making something!

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